Gregory Jay

Surely I can't be accused of being conceited if this page is all about me, can I? It is my about me page after all. Living as a British expat in China for the past 14 years has had a profound effect on my sense of self. As is often the case it takes one being removed from a certain situation in order to see it more objectively. A ride on the London Eye affords the tourist a more objective view of London than from the street and a view of the Earth from space offers a much better understanding of its shape and scale than we could ever get down here. So too does it require one to be removed from one's habitual enviroment to really get a good understanding of oneself.

It is always difficult to be aware of why we do what we do. The extent to which we are influenced by our culture, society and local enviroment is almost impossible to discern. But, when we are removed from that enviroment and society, and when the influence of our culture is lessened by distance, our own personal desires and interests start to come into focus. Do I really like spending my evenings in a bar? Or is it just that society and my immediate friends/family expect that of me? Once removed from that society and those friends and fmaily members and answer will soon emerge.

I have found that many of my interests and activities on which I spend huge amounts of time while I was living in England became trivial and uninteresting once I was left. Of course there are other factors at play, interests change over time, especially with age and maturity and the new society, culture and enviroment start to exert new influences but, I think having already had a lifetime of cultural indoctrination under one's belt does act as a natural bulwick to a foreign culture to some extent. All this is to say that I believe theme that I am now is more self aware and more 'me' than it would have been had I stayed in the UK.

Goals for this year

I recently saw a a website someone on Mastodon had made where the owner posted the things he wanted to acheive that year and then at the end of the year, a review to see how much of it had been accomplished. In a similar vein I want to post my goals for this year here and at the end of the year I will check my progress.


1. Complete Esukhia's books
2. Post a weekly video of my Tibetan progress


1. 1 Dan
2. Learn 20 new Joseki
3. Play at least 3 games a week on IGS

Martial Arts

1. Front Splits
2. Kip-up


1. Gain 4kg
2. 100kg Bench Press


1. 5 Balls for 20 secs